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OPS Kappla


by Experimental Jetset

Fictional and non-fictional band names that involve death – in alphabetical order:

Agnostic Death.
Black Death.
Christian Death.
Dadaist Death.
Electric Death.
Forensic Death.
Grateful Death.
Holistic Death.
Instagrammatic Death.
Jacuzzi Death.
Kinetic Death.
Lawnmower Death.
Masonic Death.
Napalm Death.
Occult Death.
Peaceful Death.
Quadraphonic Death.
Ritual Death.
Septic Death.
Tambourine Death.
Umbrella Death.
Velocity Death.
White Death.
X-Ray Death.
Yellow Death.
Zephyr Death.

Fictional and non-fictional band names that involve youth – in alphabetical order:

Autistic Youth.
Big Youth.
Crucial Youth.
Degenerate Youth.
Esoteric Youth.
Fact-free Youth.
Godspeed Youth.
Heavy Youth.
Icicle Youth.
Junkyard Youth.
Kabbala Youth.
Lettrist Youth
Musical Youth.
Neon Youth.
Okay Youth.
Psychick Youth.
Quasi Youth.
Reagan Youth.
Sonic Youth.
Transcendental Youth.
Ultra Youth.
Vespa Youth.
Wasted Youth.
X-Mas Youth.
Yacht Youth.
Zen Youth.